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Is located in via Collalto , Molvena , in a prominent position compared to the country . We are in close contact with nature , in an ideal environment for those who seek quality . Our farm , located in an old farmhouse that we renovated respecting local traditions of Veneto , also has a restaurant with about 60 seats in which the base of each preparation there will always be the authenticity of raw materials produced on the farm . The farm also produces excellent extra virgin olive oil and wines. We breed with the traditional method of cattle native breed " Rendena " . Atro pride of our farm is the production of Cherry IGP Marostica . Last but not least we mention the production of firewood ( barbecue , pizza , heating ), resulting in the timely maintenance of the woods of the farm . Gianico Viero , the owner of the farm , is always available to suggest the seasonal agricultural products for your every need . For more information call nr . cell . 338 47 22 061 .


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    The method of cultivation provides for the application of the best low-impact farming techniques , avoiding pesticide treatments with chemicals , controlling pests by maintaining the ecological balance and the presence of beneficial insects can control infestations . Also are cultivated varieties suited for the area of the plant in order to have trees and grasses strong and resistant already in itself , able to develop and produce without chemicals or high-energy inputs ( chemical fertilizers , chemicals , intensive farming operations ) . Maintaining old varieties and native behind the corporate philosophy that has as its principles the protection of biodiversity and the search for innovation as a factor of production and improvement of the environment as a whole.


    News & Events

    1 May 2015


    Associations Pro Loco of Mason Vicentino , Molvena and Pianezze together with the respective municipal administrations organize the Exhibition Walk to Tasty Colceresa . This event was born with the intention of enhancing the area " Colceresa " with its beauty and natural landscapes , but also for other aspects such as the typical products of agricultural and tourist offer . Participating , in fact , farms and farming , but also other businesses that offer services for the tourism and leisure . The program usually offers : - A route with large tracts of nature trail / rural , full of scenic places between old districts , hills , woods and valleys ; - Ten " points tasting " at the participating companies , where you can sample some tasty preparations accompanied by drinks of various kinds ; - A food court final , inside a marquee , where you can sit and dine comfortably with the dishes prepared with local produce ; Moreover , at every company can know the particularities , the products and services that each of them offers in carrying out its activities . The route of the trail winds through the territories of the three municipalities with a total length of about 15 km and coincides largely with the path Colceresa . Along the way there are services WC . The starting location changes every year , in the sense that it is rotated among the three municipalities involved . It is present during the event a security service road , a medical service and an emergency service for those who were in trouble . Also available is a shuttle service connecting with the car parks . The maximum number of participants is set at 2000 .



       Via Collalto, 36, 36060 Molvena VI, Italia

      +39 0424 72109
      +39 338 47 22 061